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The latest software, firmware, and documents are available for downloading. After downloading software or firmware it is recommended that file integrity be verified by computing the SHA-1 secure checksum on the downloaded file. The secure checksum should match the value shown in the table. If there is any question about file integrity please contact Zodiac Data Systems for guidance.


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Firmware Download

MDR Series
SystemVersionDateNotesSHA-1 Checksum
MDR 4.84.006 03/15/2021
MDR_hs 4.84.006 03/15/2021
GMDR 4.84.006 03/15/2021
DATaRec4 Series
DATaRec4 v3.21.001 7/7/2017
v3.06.001 6/22/2016

Software Download

MDR Series
VersionDateNotesSHA-1 Checksum
D4Updater - Windows utility to update firmware on MDR / GMDR series recorders
1.43 7/17/2020
D4Recorder - Windows utility to configure MDR / GMDR series recorders
4.55.002 8/23/2017
Driver - USB driver for MDR and DATaRec data and control connections
2.61 1/24/2014
Other Utility Applications
ZDS Viewer - General purpose post-test / real time Windows software tool to read IRIG-106 Chapter 10 formatted data and simultaneously display individual data channels in data type specific views. Currently ZDSViewer comes in two versions, the 2.X series and the 3.X series. The 2.X series supports a wide range of supported data types. The 3.X series offers a more modern users interface but is currently limited in the data types it can handle. Each version can be used without a license but without a license the number of channels that can be displayed simultaneously will be limited. With a license all data channels can be viewed simultaneously.
2.6.934 8/9/2018
3.2.852 8/21/2017
DataShark - Windows application to control and monitor the GSSr/s line of ground data recorders
3.40.320.17 3/20/2017
Ch10Extract - Windows post-test software tool to read IRIG-106 Chapter 10 formatted data files and perform data extraction functions.
1.9.11 5/9/2017  
Ch10Extract-2.0 - Windows post-test software tool to read IRIG-106 Chapter 10 formatted data files and perform data extraction functions.
2.0.17 8/29/2018

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