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MDR is the Modular Data Recorder from Zodiac Data Systems. Thanks to its modularity, the MDR system will adapt from the lightest to the most extensive daily test requirements in terms of variety of

  • Signals to be recorded
  • Environmental constraints
  • Recording time

A wide range of signal interface modules ensure that today‘s and tomorrow‘s requirements will be addressed and are a safe investment for the future.

The MDR Series

Acquisition, Processing, Recording and Distribution of Airborne FTI Data

The MDR system capability can be expanded according to the various stages of the flight test, i.e. it adopts to complex configurations at early stages, and to reduced ones at final validation. The modular MDR architecture gives you the flexibility in choosing cost effective systems or high end FTI systems with high capacity storage media.

The MDR system can be configured by the user with dedicated interface modules tailored to the most common data sources and busses. Furthermore, the system can be controlled without additional software. You can choose between chassis with 2, 4 or 8 slots for signal interface modules.

The GMDR Series

Acquisition, Recording, Dissemination and Replay of FTI Data in Ground Station Applications

GMDR, with its high integration, incomparable range of supported video interfaces and full compatibility with global leading MDR products, integrates seamlessly into customers' existing test center architecture.

  • Supports a huge variety of data types (PCM, ETHERNET, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, analog, video, serial, discrete, ...)
  • One height unit for GMDR 6 and six module slots
  • Two height units for GMDR 12 and twelve module slots
  • Wide range of video interfaces (DVI, SDI, PAL, NTSC, RTP)
  • Video scaling implemented
  • Fully compatible with the global leading ZDS MDR recorder series

Manuals and Documentation

Firmware Download

MDR Series
SystemVersionDateNotesSHA-1 Checksum
MDR 4.84.006 03/15/2021
MDR_hs 4.84.006 03/15/2021
GMDR 4.84.006 03/15/2021
Special Release
MDR 3.41.001 09/27/2017
MDR_hs 3.41.001 09/27/2017
GMDR 3.41.001 09/27/2017


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